31 March 2015


A Wonderful Happy Birthday ....

to my mom.

She's 91 today.  (I hope she doesn't mind my telling her age but I'm thinking if you are lucky enough to make it to 90 or beyond, then you might want to shout it from the rooftops! I certainly would.)

And she is still as beautiful and intelligent as ever.

I know this because I spent last week with her and my dad.

They also celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary last week, a number that completely blows my mind.

Recently ...

41 years ago on their 25th

 and 66 years ago.

Pics of just me and my mom are few and far between. I could only find this one.
I took a selfie with her last week, but because I really want to stay in her good graces, I won't post it. She didn't "have her face on" and really didn't want me to take it.  But this one from 2008 is a pretty good one. At least we both look decent.  

And I think I need to work on getting another picture with her. One every 8 or 9 years? Not enough.

Happy Birthday JeanMom!!!

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