04 March 2015

Another New Adventure...

Another new adventure in town.

Drive past the Aquatic Center almost every day but have NEVER set foot in the place before today. But neighbor Sue is in town, we both wanted to try it out, so off we went. 
It was dumping snow at the cabin and we were worried we might not be able to make the drive. Figured the highway had to be icy.  
But no.
As soon as we got off the dirt road, there was NO snow. Beautiful sunny day, dry clear roads.  You just never know. 

The Salida Hot Springs public pool is the largest indoor hot springs in the country!
Imagine that.
Hot water is piped from an underground spring eight miles away into the pools. There's a large lap pool, a smaller soaking pool and even a beach entry kid pool. There are also small private soaking pools if you want to get away from the masses. Pool water temps range from 84° in the lap pool to 100° in the soaking and kid's area. 

We soaked, we swam, we relaxed. The water was lovely. 

And then on the way out, Sue snapped a picture. 

Hot Springs in the Heart of the Rockies!

Would you believe it was entirely coincidental that it looks like I'm balancing that heart? 

Another fun day for the books. Or blog. 
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