26 February 2015

Thursday on a Friday... Again.


Thursday on a Friday again.


No real reason except I've worked more this week (at the paying job) and I made a little commissioned quilt and we have had snow which somehow takes up time.
How does snow take up time? Well, you have to brush the snow off the cars before you can even get into them to start them. Then the car likes a good 10 minutes to warm up and help melt the ice off. The decks need shoveling. The walk needs shoveling. Driving is slower and my 7 minute drive to work takes 15 minutes. Stuff like that.

The cars have looked like this all week.

Anyway, so I'm a day late. Not the end of the world. 

And because I have been doing these other things, I totally have come to a standstill on my 60 by 60 challenges. That will change, but not in the next few weeks. 

In the meantime, I did order some calligraphy supplies and am anxious to get to work practicing some letters.

New toys. Yay!

And work has been a blast. Who knew that I would love making coffee?
I barely drink coffee myself!
And maybe it isn't the actual coffee making but the people I'm making it for that I enjoy so much. 

On Wednesday I had a nice looking gentleman, maybe 65ish, come in. He was a true cowboy, originally from Wyoming. Chatty as so many people that come in are. (Or is it that I'm chatty and we just engage? Not sure.) I've never before worked at a place where people come in and introduce themselves.
"Hi! I'm So and So. You a local?" 

Anyway Mr. Cowboy ordered a latte plus some ice cream for himself. Then he also ordered a kid's cup of ice cream for his Golden Retriever who was cooling his heels out in the truck. Mr. Cowboy had Butter Pecan in a cone. Sutter, the Golden, stuck with Vanilla.

Now it just happened that I had read the Pioneer Woman's blog Wednesday morning about how happy she is to be married to a cowboy. How cowboys are helpful and resourceful and if you have a flat tire, one will be there to change it-no complaining, no matter the time of day or night.
Which reminded me of Bunny saying how nice it was the guys in our little area of Colorado were so resourceful. These guys know how to change tires, jump start cars, build fires, shoot guns...things that are not so common for the boys back in our part of Texas.  Texas has plenty of cowboys but not necessarily where we live.  So this is a new concept for my girlies.

Pioneer Woman's cowboys. 
Photo by Ree Drummond.

As I was scooping the ice cream , I relayed to Mr. Cowboy Bunny's thoughts on the local guys versus the Texas big city guys and he perked up. Asked my daughter's age and when I mentioned I had two of them, he really got bright eyed. 

Turns out Mr. Cowboy has a neighbor who is also a cowboy, 21 years old, and owns outright 60 head of cattle.  Sells the calves and invests the money. Doing quite well for himself. But they live in a really rural area and "it's slim pickin's for girls" where they live. Maybe my older daughter would be interested? 

I had to break it to Mr. Cowboy that both of my girls have friend boys already. 

Not pimping those girls out yet. 

Then, because it was quiet in the store, I went out and met Sutter who was the sweetest most gigantic Golden Retriever I'd seen in a while.

One of my favorite pics of our Golden Retriever, Jake, with Bunny.
Bone cancer took his back right leg but he never seemed to notice. 
Then bone cancer took his life. We noticed. 

And I get paid for this. 

Life is good. 

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