27 October 2014


TUESDAY (How's that for a title?!)

Organizing the photos for No. 24 is underway.

No thanks to anyone. 

I downloaded Picasa and then discovered it had imported EVERY image ever downloaded onto my computer. So, in addition to all of my photos, I have all the images for every CD ever purchased. Also images for computer games and a gazillion other things that I don't need or want. And Picasa does not support moving or deleting folders en masse.

So.....don't think Picasa will be the answer for organizing since it will take forever to get rid of the stuff I don't want. 

For now I am making folders. Going through iPhoto and making one folder for 2009, 2010,2011, etc. It's going to take until Thanksgiving...maybe longer. 
Then I am breaking it down by month in sub folders. When I have all the years done-they will go under one main PHOTOS folder. This is how I used to have it on my PC and it was easy.  Maybe I'll use Picasa for editing. Or not. 

No. 24 will get done.

The Twin Sisters at night. 
There will definitely be a Twin Sisters folder. 

Also, I am approaching the end of my second year of Project 60x60.
In just -gag- 13 more months I will actually turn 60 years old. So far I have completed 43 of my challenges. One more year to work on everything else. Wonder if I can really do this? 

For November I will be running repeats of the most popular posts on Thursdays. This will not necessarily include the posts made extremely popular by the Recreational Casting and Bracing Group. 

And then after I turn 60. What next? 90x90? Think how easy that would be. The first 30 challenges would be
1. Turn 61
2. Turn 62
3. Turn 63
And so on and so on until I hit 90. Thirty years of just birthdays. 
Challenges could range from #62: Get out of bed every day for a month
#71: Recall the names of the children and their birthdays. Bonus points for doing it after turning 85. 
#90: Don't die.

Might be easier than 60x60.

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