18 August 2014

Bye Bye Bye

Bye, Bye, Bye....
to steal a line from N'Sync.

Well, Belle is gone.

Not in a bad way. In a "gone off to college" way.
(She just graduated from High School here.)

The hubs drove with her and her car to Florida about ten days ago. Fortunately it was an uneventful trip except that an accident on the other side of Houston had them stopped for THREE HOURS! Which means they were on the road for almost four hours before they actually got out of town.

Then the hubs flew home and she had ONE practice night all by herself. No relatives or friends within 1000 miles.  Then I flew over and stayed a few nights, making sure she actually registered for her classes.

Belle does not win the hostess with the mostest award.  Love her, but.

She likes to keep the thermostat at 80º.

I slept on the couch and the first night she went to sleep and neglected to give me a blanket. I had a throw which didn't quite cover me so every time I wiggled (which I do a lot) I came uncovered and then woke up, re-covered myself, fell back to sleep and repeated about 20 times. It was not a restful night.

I got to sleep on the couch. 
She got the King Sized Bed. 
I sure hope she gets some artwork for that wall.

Complaining got me an actual blanket.

She had a list of things for me to do FOR HER which mostly included scrubbing things she did not want to scrub.
That's okay.
Her last request was to make her some bacon.
I did.
Then I left her the dirty pan to clean.
(Sometimes revenge is sweet, even if it is against your own kid.)

The view from the kitchen window.
A storm was brewing.

She tried out her adult persona after a trip to the beach.
I was sitting on the couch with sand still between my toes (and other unmentionable parts, I'm sure) and she said:
"Mom, don't you want to rinse off before you get sand everywhere and have to clean it up?" 
And then...
"Bring your beach towel and put it in the washer, please."

Followed by....
"After your shower it is nap time. One hour. I don't want to hear a peep from you. You can watch cartoons but no louder than 12 on the volume." 

The very beautiful Jupiter beach.

After three nights we were getting on each other's nerves a bit. She was ready for me to leave so she could start her new life.
I was ready for real bedding and a thermostat lower than 78º.

It was perfect. 
Not a tear was shed when I left. (At least not by me.)

School starts this Friday.
Job hunting started today.

I am so proud of that girl. 

Belle headed to the beach...
She's convinced a panther is going to jump out of the bushes and eat her. 
Bye, chica! Be careful. 

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