25 August 2014

Back to School, Back to Colorado

Back to School, Back to Colorado.


Monday was Bunny's first day of school. She was registered for school in Texas. 

However, somewhere in between the High School personnel not being able to understand me because I was speaking English and the registrar asking me if Bunny had been in Special Services like "you know, Gifted and Talented or Pregnant", a decision was made.
(BTW, Yes to Gifted and Talented, No to Pregnant.)

Bunny started school in Colorado. We got here Sunday.

 Bunny in her ever important "First Day of School Outfit".
You're never dressed unless you're overdressed. 

The drive up was so easy and uneventful that I could not believe it. No lightning strikes. (Last year's drive here.) No traffic. No trauma.   We even made an unscheduled stop at the Cadillac Ranch to see the "planted" Cadillacs. 
And still got here quicker than expected. 
(Thank you, Ann, for suggesting I alter my attitude towards the drive from hateful to anticipatory.

Some strangers, some Cadillacs, Carlos, Me all at
Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo, Tx. 

Carlos is so happy. 

And Tuesday is Belle's first day of college classes. 
I don't have a First Day Official Outfit photo but I am hoping her first day of college goes better than her first day of preschool.

Belle, not so sure about this school idea.
A feeling she never has quite gotten over....

And me? 

Looking for a job since this time I will "do it like I mean it"

And... I find it interesting that in less than 24 hours I have chatted with 4 neighbors here, including meeting the two new goats next door, Martha and Maynard. 
That is three more neighbors than I communicated with all summer in Texas. 

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