28 July 2014

Carlos Loves TV

My dog watches TV, doesn't yours??

The other morning the girls and I were in the kitchen and they were watching silly animal videos.
I joined them.

We watched a penguin go shopping.

Lala- the shopping penguin. *

We watched a baby elephant. Why are they always so adorable?

Baby elephant trying to walk

Then the girls found something called DOGTV Stimulation .

Carlos LOVED it!

If you can't see the fascinated  Carlos, 
click here. 

A Beagle and a Pekingese romped around in the grass and Carlos obviously wanted to join in. 
But he couldn't.   
That didn't stop him from trying. 

Hopefully the Big Guy has entertained Carlos while we have been gone.  I also hope no one told Carlos where we were going.

Boy! He'd be mad if he knew we were off in Colorado playing with his deer while he had to stay in Texas.

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