21 July 2014

Again. Traveling.

Traveling Again!

In an attempt to use every frequent flyer point and dollar that we have (had), we are traveling again.

Both girls NEEDED to see their friend boys.

Bunny's is having a birthday.

Belle's is about to have her twice as far away.

And I just needed to see my mountains.  I've missed them.
I'm sure they have missed me.

Come back!!
(I hear the Twin Sisters calling me.) 

So we will be in Colorado for about 9 days. 

The computer will stay in Texas so probably no posts unless I get some done before we leave. Or maybe Carlos will prepare some,
(You know. In my spare time. Or Carlos's.)

This is going to be a surprise for all the friends there. Won't that be fun? 
Let's hope so. 

See you in a week or so....

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