10 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!

A Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

A super special shout out to MY mom.

Me and my mom. 
Sadly I had to go back to 2008 to find a picture of just the two of us.
But I guess that's okay- we both looked pretty good six years ago.

You've got to give her credit. She had two boys and still had the nerve to have a third kid. (Which makes me the baby. Gotta love me! )

She wins the zookeeper award for allowing more pets in our house than even I have.  
My brothers had snakes. And turtles. An opossum. Fish. I had an alligator.  Small furry animals.We had a goat. In the backyard. In the middle of Houston. A dog. Some cats. 
(But never a horse. I REALLY wanted a horse. Got one now!!)

She sewed.
Doll clothes.
I had the BEST dressed Troll dolls ever.  Nobody else's dolls had a real fur coat.
Me clothes.
My prom dress was conveniently crafted to disguise the hip to toe plaster cast I was sporting at the time.

My prom dress, made by mom.
Back in the 70s, pre-PC, I believe the Robert E. Lee HS 
prom theme that year was "The South Shall Rise Again".
I was a Southern Belle.
My girls would slit their throats before they put on a dress that I had made.

And for the bravest mama prize, she and my dad allowed me to go 1000 miles away, to another country, for art school when I was 18. This was before cell phones and Internet and there wasn't even a land line to keep us connected. It took a minimum of two hours just to get through to an International operator. A letter took two weeks.
None of that bothered me in the slightest but I imagine it was a bit of a challenge for them. 

I look like my dad but I've got a ton of my mom in me.
My kids say they feel sorry for people that cross me....I think I might have gotten that from my mom. Nice as can be, but don't try to screw with us.
And it seemed she could do, make, create anything, something my kids have said about me.
That is, when they aren't telling me that I don't know how to do anything.
Although she can cook.
Me, not so much. Or maybe it's just no one likes any of the stuff I like to make.
Something like that. 

So happy mothers day to my wonderful mom. 

And happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. 

Hugs and kisses. And flowers.

And a special get well/speedy recovery/Happy Mother's Day wish to my mother in law.
Poor baby fell and is now in re-hab recovering from a broken leg and a shattered shoulder.
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