13 March 2014

Follow up Friday: Truth in Chickens...

Follow Up Friday: Truth in Chickens 
and Veggie Failure (maybe) (probably)

This afternoon I happened to visit our local Murdoch's which is the home of baby chicks and baby ducklings.
Of course I had to say hello to all the peep peeps and quack quacks.
And then I noticed something.

Rhode Island Red baby chicks are rust colored.

Bunny had New Hampshire Reds.

Wrong state.

They are related, the New Hampshire Reds were bred from Rhode Island stock.

But I hate that I misled everyone.

This is what Bunny's chickens will actually grow up to look like:

A little lighter in color than the Rhode Island Reds.

Glad I could clear that up.

It has been ten days since I planted my seeds for tomatoes and bell peppers. 

Maybe I should have listened to the nice man at Wal- Mart regarding planting days. 
Or followed the lunar cycle for planting seeds according to their Zodiac signs. (Huh?)
Or something.

Anyway, this is what the seedlings look like:

 Very nice pots of damp potting soil.
And nothing else. 

Yup.  Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
Not even a hint of a seedling peeping out.

I think I need to go back to Kindergarten and try the lima bean trick.
You know- a jar, a paper towel and a lima bean. 
Certainly I could get THAT to sprout.

If a 6 year old can do this, certainly I can, too.

But I'm giving this batch a few more days. 
Maybe it has just been too cool.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

On the positive side, I am heading to Breckenridge for the day to see the Ice Castle.
That's not really on the original list but is part of my "explore the castles of Colorado" experience.

And I will be heading back to Texas for the girls' Spring Break and while there will take a side trip to New Orleans.  No. 21: Go to brunch  is on the schedule for that trip.

Everyone have a great weekend. That's my plan.

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