12 January 2014

Happy 22 years to my Boy

Happy 22nd Birthday to Boy.

I have to say, Boy would hate it if he knew I was posting about him on here.
So please don't tell him.

Fortunately he isn't too big on social media so maybe he won't see.

I confess we haven't been seeing eye to eye too much recently but he is my first born, my only boy and I love him like only mommies can.

Not on Santa's knee but close enough.

This photo from Christmas is a favorite because he has a great smile on his face and I love that the kid will still "see Santa" even if he is almost 22 years old.  Besides, he's a bit more cleaned up than usual.  That always makes a mom smile.

I'm glad I had him.
He's talented and creative. ( Like his mama!)
And stubborn and individualistic. (Unfortunately also like his mama.)

Happy day.

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