17 December 2013

A wish list gift list.

My Little (Personal) Gift List

Since EVERY blog has "Holiday Gift Ideas" or "Stylish Gift Ideas" or "Unique Gift Ideas" I thought I would throw out my own little list.

Because 'tis the season.

And I LOVE presents. And surprises. 
To give and to get.

Gifties ready for the tree.
Wonder if there will be a tree up when I get home?
Shall we take bets? 

But you know what? I'm a little tired of all the-dare I say it?-commercialism.

So here is my list. It's pretty short. 

1) Experiences


Tickets. Tickets to anywhere. 
To a play. A concert. The museum.  A Monster truck rally. A cooking class. Paris.

Paris. City of Light. 
Photo courtesy of my friend Cherrilla who is spending her holidays there.
Lucky duck.

And if you don't want to buy tickets, make a plan. 
There are so many wonderful places to go and see and enjoy. 
All it requires is a willingness to get out of the same ol', same ol'. 

One of the most favorite things I've done recently is go to Bishop Castle. Admission is free with donations requested. So half a tank of gas and a $20 donation procured an afternoon of amazement for three of us. Not even a ticket required. Just the desire  to go do something different. 

Bishop Castle.
So intriguing I've been twice.

A study from Grown and Flown backs me up on this. When asked what was worth spending money on, one of the top replies was "experiences". We may not remember that scarf and mitten set but we do remember the dinner with friends, the trip to the beach, or the tour through the castle. 

So if you are wracking your brain for the perfect thing for that perfect someone, think "experience".

You're welcome. 

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