26 September 2013

Pine Cone Garland

An official DIY project:
A Fall Pine Cone Garland

As promised, I am posting a tutorial on how to make your own Fall pine cone garland.

If I can do it, you can do it.  Promise

First off gather lots of pine cones. Use your pine cone hunting dog if you have one.

Carlos being his usual helpful self.

Make sure you get the pretty ones, not the ones that the squirrels have chewed on.  Since this is Fall, this is also the perfect opportunity to throw on your son's hand me down flannel shirt and favorite ripped jeans. 
Unless you are in Texas.  
If that's the case, just keep on wearing your shorts and tank tops. I do not want to be responsible for anyone having a heat stroke.

Pine cone perfection.

Then get in the car and drive 35 miles round trip to the store to get jute twine and little eye hooks. 
Or maybe that's just me.  Everyone else run up to the Michael's or Hobby Lobby that is around the corner, probably within walking distance. 

It helps to get a couple of different sizes of pine cones. But watch out. 
Those little ones are poinky. *


The cast of characters. Large and small pine cones,
jute twine, eye hooks, scissors and gloves.

Wearing your gloves (because those tiny splinters are a pain to remove if you don't) carefully screw an eye hook into the top of each small pine cone.

For the larger pine cones I cut lengths of twine about 8 inches long, looped the twine around the top of the cones and tied a knot, leaving the ends hanging off in equal lengths. Then I took the ends and wrapped them around my finger into a knot, making a loop of twine at the top of the cone. 

Eye hooks on the small ones, wrap and tie a loop on the large ones.

Cut a piece of jute around 9 feet long. Any longer and it gets difficult to handle. 

Starting in the middle, string the cones onto your long piece of jute and tie them in place as you go.
If you don't tie them, they will all end up lumped together once you hang your masterpiece. 
I varied the numbers and sizes as I went but generally did two or three large ones interspersed with one small one.

At the ends I just tied on a large pinecone with the remaining jute. 

And...truth in construction. The eye hooks did not always stay in the small pine cones. If I had been very organized and committed  I would have added a drop of wood glue to secure the eye hooks.
Once I hung the garland, I realized a few small pine cones had fallen off.  Instead of trying to put them back on- I just tied a large pine cone in its place. This is definitely a no-sweat garland.

If you are feeling particularly festive, you can add berries or ribbons. 
I was only feeling celebratory and held back, restraining myself to just a bit of greenery.

The finished project.

Look at that cute little face staring out the door.
And I see a little bald spot on the left side. 
May need to go tie on another pine cone.

Maybe I will add the berries and ribbon after Thanksgiving, updating my Fall garland into Christmas garland.  If the wind doesn't tear it apart first.

Detail pic. 
Cute and rustic, perfect for a cabin in the woods.

*Poinky: A combination of pointy and spiky. Coined by Boy when he was about 2 or 3.  It's such a perfect word that our family has used it ever since.  Bunny was quite indignant in Second grade when her teacher told her it wasn't a real word. She had no clue.
Another word Boy came up with that I think should enter the general lexicon: Movie-ater.   Movie theater shortened into one manageable word. So much more convenient. It's another word that I use all the time.

25 September 2013



Nope, this isn't a post that ends with me in the hospital.

Although I have had those kinds of falls before.  Just not recently.

Instead, this is the Autumn kind of Fall.

Sunday, September 22, was the first official day of Autumn.  Or the Autumnal Equinox if you like.

And right on cue, Monday morning, look what we woke up to:

A frosty view out the front door.

There's snow in them thar hills!   Snow on the top of the Twin Sisters.

And there was a chill in the air.

Today driving up the mountain I noticed something else...
yellow leaves.

I swear these leaves were green last week.

Having only one other time lived in an area where the leaves change color, I am so looking forward to this new turn of events. 

In celebration I am making pine cone garlands this afternoon. If they are a success, I will share a DIY tutorial. 

Because not only is Fall bringing cooler temps, changing leaves and the promise (threat?) of snows to come, it is also bringing my friend Cherrilla all the way from Massachusetts. And the cabin needs to be decorated!

And lest you think I have totally forgotten about the 60 by 60 list- don't despair.  Cherrilla and I will both be tackling knitting class next week. That's No. 51. 

When Finally Isn't...

When Finally Isn't Finally....

Well, as I mentioned last week, Friday I was headed into Pueblo to pick up the baby H3.

It had been in the shop since August 10 when it was struck by lightning on our way from Texas to Colorado. And yes, I was driving it at the time.

Re-enactment of the night of August 10, 2013.

We had many "It's almost ready" calls but Friday was the real deal.

Or so I thought.

I picked up the H3 and immediately headed to Target because Target is my life and the closest one is now TWO HOURS away from me.

Target. My Happy Place. 

On the way I caught a whiff of that lovely burning electrical smell- a remnant of the lightning strike.

Gleefully pulling into the parking lot at the tiniest Target I've ever seen (I forgot that they aren't all SuperTargets!) I turned the H3 off.


The key wouldn't come out.
The car wouldn't turn off.

I had a moment of "Is there a button I forgot about? I'm an adult. I know how to turn a car off, don't I?"

Then the realization that it wasn't me, it was the car. That wasn't a leftover electrical burning smell, that was a new burning smell.

Back to the dealership.

A solenoid in the shifter had burned, making the car believe it wasn't in park.

Back to a rental car.

I cannot say enough good stuff about how Spradley Chevrolet in Pueblo handled this turn of events.

My not so happy place on Friday- but it's all good now.

They got me a rental and paid for it.
They filled my H3 up with gas and DROVE IT TO ME  (90+ miles) on Saturday after overnighting parts for the repair.

Exactly six weeks to the day, the H3 was back in my hands, almost as good as new.

There is one little light that we have found that is out on the Air Conditioner. But the Air Conditioner
And the back tire cover that was on the spare when we dropped the car off is gone. But they are looking into that. I'm sure it will be recovered or replaced.

And while I say I have the car in my hands, I don't.

The girlies took it the moment it arrived. I have barely seen it since.

That's okay. I have my own car back.

(Not a paid endorsement for Target or Spradley Chevrolet. Just two companies I am happy with. Although I do confess to being a stockholder in Target. I'm a firm believer in investing in what you know.)

19 September 2013



I'll soon be back on track for my 60x60 list...

I have a knitting class (No. 51) scheduled for October 4th so I do still have it on my mind.

But getting reliable internet and getting our baby Hummer back have been the two things on my mind these past few weeks.

Wednesday morning I finally got a call from Century Link announcing that my DSL was "live". 
Not only was it working ( only two days after it was promised) but it was speedy!
Pictures load! Videos come up! With the sound!   It's absolutely  amazing.

And yesterday I got the call that the H3 was ready except.... when they did the final test drive the sun roof would not open. An overnighted motor fixed that little issue and tomorrow I go to pick it up.

I'm not sure who is more excited, me or Belle.   I finally get my car back and not a minute too soon for my taste. With all of the rain the roads are less than ideal around the cabin. I find the rental skidding on the rock road with just the tiniest brake pressure. I do not like that sensation. Please give me my all wheel drive vehicle back.
And Belle has always wanted a Hummer, ever since she got her license. But Hummers  were deemed unsuitable (by her evil parents) for life in Houston and she had to settle on another choice for her first car.   But guess what? !   Hummers are pretty awesome for life in Colorado. So now she gets to drive her ideal car- even though it will stay here when we return to Texas. It's a cabin car, not a Belle car. We have to keep reminding her.

So expect a return to the list soon enough.

I just had to get life back on track.

And life this week includes homecoming at the high school.

There was a parade that Belle and Bunny got to be in and a bonfire which I was told I was not allowed to go to. Although I had already been told that parents were going to the bonfire by someone else. But I humored those girls and stayed home.
And a football game tomorrow night in suitably cool, Fall type weather.

Salida High School Cheer Leaders marching in the parade.

Busy, busy.   I like that.

17 September 2013

Green Acres or...

Green Acres or The Shining? You decide....
Welcome to Crazytown.

You most likely have heard that Colorado has had quite a bit of rain.
It's true.
The front range of Colorado has been horribly hit. Fortunately I am in South Central Colorado and have been spared any flooding.  We have had plenty of rain, though.

Magnificent graphic of Colorado.
We are where the phone is. 
The rain is under the umbrella.

Sunday afternoon the girls were trying to do their homework online when shouts of "Where's the internet?" echoed through the cabin.

I unplugged, replugged, prayed, cursed, unplugged some more and finally admitted that, since it was pouring down rain, the internet was probably out for a bit. Our internet service comes via Satellite and is very finicky.


We packed up laptops and iPads and headed to McDonalds for free WiFi and a cookie or two. While there I looked up the number of our internet provider because somehow I did not have it at home. (I even checked our phone book.)  Homework got done and all we needed was to print out a few papers. I was sure that could be accomplished back at home. (Besides, there was no place else to do any printing on a Sunday night.)

Well, guess what? The printer would not work without the internet even after I plugged it directly into the computer. And because we had no internet, I could not look up any possible solutions or manuals.


Belle was stressing. She had papers that needed turning in Monday morning.
Bunny was fed up with being Belle's IT person.
I was fed up and stressing because everyone else was looking to me for solutions.

And I had none.

Monday dawned and it was at least mostly clear.
But things started going downhill pretty quickly.

Still no internet.
I called the provider and got a recording. "We are closed due to flooding. We will get to service repairs as soon as possible."
Okay, no problem. Remember? Last week I had ordered DSL and that was supposed to be in service by Monday afternoon. Five pm at the LATEST.
Except I had not received my modem that was promised on Friday.

A call to my phone company, Century Link, was little help. They couldn't tell me to what address they had sent the modem. But they did show it out for delivery.

I was starting to get a little panicky. And maybe a little anxious. I had no internet. No television. No cell phone. My landline was working at least. But it had no answers.


In the midst of trying to find out where the modem was, and when the service would really be live....
my neighbor comes to the door.
I'm trying to listen to the phone recording while simultaneously acknowledging my neighbor who is holding a bucket of rusty water.
"Para Español, oprima nueve."
"Look at this water that came through the hole in the roof on my shed."
"For technical support, press two."
"See? It's full of those chemicals from the chemtrails I was telling you about. The government has been spraying us."
"Please enter your account number followed by the pound sign."

I mutter "That's interesting" as I wave off the neighbor and hang up and start over with the voice mail.

I don't care if I'm being poisoned, just give me some internet service.


I'm starting to feel a panic attack coming on.

I'm isolated. I can't get anyone to answer any of my questions. Nothing is working like it should.

Another phone call to Century Link and I discover that the modem has been delivered to the empty house next door.

Service was PROMISED at 5pm. At 5:30pm I called CenturyLink back. "Where's my DSL?"

A very nice person put me on hold, then returned  and promised it would be on by 6:00pm.  I reviewed what I had been promised the  week before only to be told "o no, that's not what we have."
The prices were wrong, the delivery address was wrong, the service wasn't active. Another hour on the phone (remember? it was one hour and 2 minutes last week) and I had pricing sorted out, service promised as soon as I hooked up the modem and Direct TV ordered to boot.

I realized if I was stir crazy after a few days of rain and no internet, I probably would not fare well once it got cold and snowy. Diversion will be required.  The one radio station I receive was not going to suffice. Give me 150 channels so I can watch two of them.


Off the phone, back to hooking up the DSL modem and....
red lights.
No service.

I call again to Century Link- the fourth time on Monday- and am told that the service won't be active until Tuesday. The request was done incorrectly the first time and when it was redone on Monday afternoon that set things back a day.

"Yes, really."

I started to cry.

This morning the Satellite internet came back up and that is what I am using now.

I called Century Link again and was promised DSL would be active by 8:00pm.
It's not.


And to top it off, the little Hummer was supposed to be ready this morning and I still have heard nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.   Five weeks and that baby is still not back.

I'm one step away from scribbling "REDRUM" on the doors.


13 September 2013

Follow Up Friday

Follow Up Friday: one month in...

We've been in Colorado living, as opposed to visiting from Texas, for a little over one month now.

It has exceeded my expectations in many, many ways and also been much harder than I expected in many ways.

The really wonderful positives:

My two girls started high school in a new tiny school and love it. They have been fairly well accepted and have found their niche with the cheer leading squad. This still amazes me as cheer leading is not something that has ever been on their horizon.

 Belle and ...

...Bunny in action. 
(and it only took 8 minutes for these two pictures to upload)

It's gorgeous here. I am astounded every morning by my view out the front window. There are wild animals around every corner. Mama and baby deer in the front yard, wild turkeys in the field, a little fox running down my drive.

 The view out my front door. 
Every day it is astounding.

People are friendly and helpful. I have had people go out of their way to include me, neighbors go out of their way to help me and delivery people go out of their way to get my packages to me (When was the last time your Fed Ex driver left their cell number on the "Sorry we missed you notice" with a note to call them so as to arrange pick up. Never? That's what I thought but it happened here yesterday.)

No traffic, no crowds, no hustle and bustle. I have been stopped for turkey jams but not traffic jams.

Wild turkeys fattening themselves up for Thanksgiving.
This morning I probably saw 50 of them at once- dappling the field and dawdling across the road.

And the down sides:

Never in my life have I had such a month of frustration. We have satellite internet which requires a direct line of sight from the dish on my roof to the tiny mine wayyyyy across the river. If the wind blows, the trees sway or we actually try to USE the internet, it doesn't work.
It is slower than Christmas.
I can try to upload a photo onto this blog and two minutes later I am still watching the "loading" line
s l o w l y progress.
Next week we are supposed to be getting DSL which may or may not be better and may or may not actually be available in my area. They promised me it is available but I won't believe it until it is up and running. And it still may not be an improvement. But pray that it is.
(And it only required ONE HOUR AND TWO MINUTES of my time on the phone to order it.)

My expectations are still big city but I now live in a tiny rural area.

It just doesn't occur to me that I can't get something 24/7 or that things can't be purchased in the immediate area. I come from the land of shopping. I come from the land of EVERYTHING being available within a 15 mile radius.

Case in point: Belle had her birthday and she specifically requested a cheetah print birthday cake. She hasn't had a store bought pretty cake in a gazillion years. Since she is away from many of her friends and I wasn't sure how her birthday would play out- I really wanted to make her 18th birthday special.

On Sunday before her Wednesday birthday I went to the one grocery store to order a cake. Turns out they don't actually decorate cakes in that store. All the cakes come from Denver. I needed to order it a few days earlier to make the shipment. There's a Wal-Mart but they don't decorate cakes either. Closest store that decorate cakes is in Buena Vista, 45 minutes away.

I called on Monday and they assured me they could have a cheetah print cake ready by noon on Wednesday.  I asked for it to have "Happy Birthday Belle" on it and mentioned she liked sparkles and bling. In my mind I envisioned some little pearlized balls around the edge or possibly some glitter sugar sprinkled around the spots.

Here is kinda what I expected:

Something along these lines.
Simple, pink and brown. MAYBE a little pearl edge to it. 
There are a million cheetah cake images online.

Here is what I got:

Names have been blurred to protect the innocent.
But the color combination cannot be blurred.
And I love the blue "bling".

This is exactly what I asked for. Unfortunately, coming from an area where cake stores are on every corner and there is competition to decorate the hippest, most adorable cakes possible, it was not what I expected. The cake was yummy and it gave us a good giggle- but my expectations and reality did not meet.

We have travelled many, many miles in search of Homecoming dresses.  Part of the problem is that Homecoming here is next week- mid September- and there are no party dresses in the stores.  Girls from here know that and buy their dresses the year before or when they see them. They don't wait until September.
We took a trip to Colorado Springs and when we found nothing there we went to Castle Rock- further north. Nada.  A week later we went to Denver and went into every store in Cherry Creek Mall.  Then we went to the discount stores. Nice salespeople shook their heads and mumbled "too early", "nope", "sorry".

The hubs wanted Elle to have a Slackline for her birthday. She had seen one this summer and mentioned wanting it. Slacklines are right up her alley. Unfortunately they are "past season", "out of stock" and ummm.... not available in the one store that usually sells them here.

This is a Slackline. 
(Not our Slackline- we haven't set ours up because it's been raining.)
It's a bit like a tightrope.

Thank goodness for online shopping which seems to have solved the Homecoming dress issue and the Slackline issue.
Online shopping requires INTERNET.
Full circle.
Do you see where I'm going?

On the bright side I have become quite friendly with the UPS drivers, Lori the Fed Ex driver and all the  US Post Office personnel.

Phone Service:
Really?  Alexander Graham Bell came up with the telephone back in 1876.
Why am I having trouble making a phone call in 2013?

We have Verizon cell phones. They do not work anywhere in the tiny city that we live in. To use my cell phone I have to drive twenty minutes.

Pretty and sleek and won't make a peep at this house.

We do have a landline in our cabin. We have been on a plan that allows 100 unlimited long distance minutes a month. That has always been wayyyy more than we needed. Until now.
Now I need to call the dealership to check on the H3 that was hit by lightning and STILL is not fixed.
I have sweet parents that are upwards of 89 and they need checking on.
The hubs would like it if I called him occasionally.
All of these calls are long distance.

In order to minimize the long distance calls from the cabin, I make a list and try to accomplish all calls when I go into town. This requires planning because I might need notes or phone numbers or paperwork.  And about half the time I get into town and don't have what I need. Or I do have everything but feel like an idiot sitting in the park making phone calls.

My office away from home. 

After pursuing a few possibilities I discovered that my current landline company has a new plan with unlimited long distance. Again it only took a million phone calls, stops at AT&T and all of my patience. And one hour and two minutes on one phone call.

Cross your fingers.

If I can solve the slow internet problem and alleviate the phone service issue, my life will be much easier. And the longer I am here, I am sure my expectations will lessen. I will know that things can't be done last minute. I will realize that shopping won't be accomplished by a quick run to the mall. The mall is two hours away. Hopefully the girls will also learn.

And we will be free to enjoy the mountains and the wildlife and the lovely people, all stress free.

(Two hours from start to finish to get all these photos downloaded...I realllllly hope the new internet is an improvement.)

11 September 2013

Once again- In honor of starting something new

Again, in honor of starting a new project.
One that is still unfinished in my mind, but according to the law- she's done.

This is my middle child, my 911 baby in every sense of the number.

Born beautiful, with a head of black hair that never fell out, but instead grew out into a white blonde. She was doing ombre hair before it had even been thought of.

She rolled front to back at 3 months, back to front at 4 months and at 4 months and one day she learned how to roll from point A to point B.
I could not put her down and expect to find her in the same place ever again.
At 8 months, she walked. And at 8 months and 1 week she ran.
She climbed everything.
We had to screw the dressers to the walls.

She loved Cinderella and tea parties and animals and tiaras.

Belle started partying young and has never stopped.
And she loves herself some sparkles.

She grew into a fearless child. She was my first for stitches, first for the emergency room and first in a cast.

White sand, clear water.  Belle's idea of Heaven.

A beach baby from the very beginning, her first flight was to Cozumel at nine months.

She has grown into a fearless young woman. 

She figured out how to combine her love for animals with her love for speed. 
And how to con her daddy into buying her a horse.

She figured out how to combine her love for the beach with her love for speed.
And how to con her daddy into buying her a surfboard.

She wanted to be a mermaid.  She probably still does.

Rafting Brown's Canyon.
This is a girl that believes in dressing for the occasion.

A mermaid with a tiara.

She was a fierce soccer player.

She did  not like giving up that ball.
She also did not like the broken ankle, pulled hamstring, broken jaw and sprained ankle (the other ankle) that came with high school soccer.

Somehow, she has grown into a beautiful young woman that still loves parties, animals, and tiaras.
Along the way she has added boys to that list. Eek.

Happy 18th birthday, Belle.


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09 September 2013

Walking and Wagging.

No. 42 Again: Do a charity walk.

Carlos and I did the Salida K9 Cancer walk on Saturday morning.

Between the Farmer's Market on the far side of the park and 
and all the dogs there for the walk- it was a busy morning at Alpine Park.

We raised a little money and got to get out and walk and talk and wag our tails with a bunch of nice people.

There were tons of Golden Retrievers and a large group of Labradoodles plus  a whole bunch of other pups.

Carlos picked a cute little Wheaten Terrier to walk with- the two of them set a nice pace together. The Wheaten Terrier's mom was friendly and we chatted for the two + miles/45 minutes it took us to walk.

Park Rules: No Dogs Allowed.
Sorry the pic isn't clearer. 
You try taking pictures while controlling a spastic, hyped up 60 pound fireball.

I do love this pic of the sign in the park that all the dogs were walking past. It very boldly says
"NO DOGS ALLOWED".   Rules are made to be broken, right?

Anyway, we walked and wagged and Carlos only attempted humping a couple of the other dogs. (We are still working on some of his social skills.)   Money was raised and a lovely morning was had by all.

Carlos says this charity work is tiring.

Best of all, look who came home dog tired.

Read about my first charity walk here and here.

If you feel like donating to fight Canine Cancer, click here.

06 September 2013

First Time for Everything...

There's a first time for everything...

Part of my decision to do this Sixty by Sixty list was that I had gotten in a rut and wasn't doing new stuff. I wasn't doing fun stuff. I was just doing the same ol', same ol' stuff.

So while this wasn't on my list, I have to admit my trip to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort probably should have been.

My friend Liddy came into town to see me. She has a house a couple of hours away from me in Colorado. We grew up together, first meeting at church in Houston. My parents helped cement the friendship by suggesting that Liddy come with us to San Miguel de Allende for a few weeks when we were just out of 6th grade. Liddy's aunt and uncle lived there while my parents had recently discovered the charm of that little mountain town. That was the beginning of my love affair with San Miguel and the beginning of one of my best friendships.

San Miguel de Allende at dusk.

Forty five years later we are still playing together.

Me and Liddy doing what we do best:
Traveling and ...ummm...Drinking? 
Two years ago, but some things never change. 

While Liddy was here we decided to try the natural hot springs outside of Salida.  My kids have been there before but I never had.

I will be back!

A lovely funky old entrance leads to two large traditional pools, one at a temp of 96 degrees, one at 103 degrees.

You walk into some boring traditional pools.
Not for us!

 We sashayed past those boring cement ponds and headed down the steps to Chalk Creek. There we found shallow pools of varying temperatures fed by the natural hot springs. Depending on where you stepped it was either VERY hot, warm, VERY cold, or Goldilocks Just Right.

Just like a natural hot tub.

Our only mistake was not taking (adult) beverages with us. There is no food or beverage service available, only a water bottle vending machine.

We almost had the river to ourselves. It was DIVINE.

A few hours of soaking and we could barely climb the stairs back to the car. Our legs were jelly and our stomachs were rumbling. Tension and stress were no longer our companions.

We weren't out of the parking lot before we were plotting a return. Maybe in the winter?  With a snow flurry or two floating gently down into the steaming river? Or in a few weeks while there is still a chance to get a little tan?


05 September 2013

We are walking, walking, walking...

We are walking again....No. 42 Deja Vu
Donate here.

I already did No. 42: Do a charity walk.

You can read about it here and here.

But this Saturday I am doing another because the first one was so much fun.
And it was for a great cause.

In an entirely different vein, this Saturday's walk is also for a good cause. It is just for a doggy cause, not a people cause.

Carlos and I will be walking through Salida for the K-9 Cancer walk.
I've already posted about it here.

This is what I am doing Saturday morning.

This walk aims to raise money to help find a cure for canine cancer.
It is sponsored by these nice people:

Great little pet store.

Cancer in dogs is rampant, especially among large breeds and the popular breeds that tend to be more in-bred.

Our fabulous Golden Retriever, Jake, died from bone cancer.

 Jake after having his leg amputated due to bone cancer.
He was a Tri-Pawd!

So Carlos and I will walk in hopes of raising a little money and having a little fun.

My cancer-free walking partner. 

Please feel free to donate to a good cause.


Once again, I am not above begging!  And I am a little behind in fund- raising.
Morris Animal Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax ID: 84-6032307
Get a jump on those 2013 tax deductions.
(Aren't I helpful?)

02 September 2013

No. 25: See a concert-live music

No. 25: See a concert- real live music with real live musicians.

No. 25 is DONE!

Last week I journeyed into Salida for a show at the SteamPlant.  This is a lovely, intimate venue with about 200 seats, a bar in the lobby and great music on the stage.

Salida SteamPlant
on the Arkansas River

At least there was great music the night I was there. 

Baskery, a group comprised of three sisters from Stockholm, Sweden, was there. They describe their music as Swedish blues/Southern rock which is pretty accurate. They were definitely rocking.  People were dancing in the aisles, little girls were tumbling at the foot of the stage and everyone was clapping. 

I did not have the presence of mind to video any of the songs. Silly me. 

I did snap a pic:

Stella, Greta and Sunniva Bondesson
a.k.a. Baskery

I am competent on YouTube though and did find you a song or two.
(I may not be totally competent on Blogspot, though. If you don't see the videos, please click over to the main Project Sixty by Sixty website. They are definitely there. But they aren't showing up in some of the emails. Sorry.)

Baskery performing their song NoNo
back in May. 
(Video by countryrock93/YouTube)

See? Really fun country punk.

And their encore was stunning. Beautiful harmony on a traditional Swedish drinking song from the 1700s.

C.M. Bellman's "Bort allt vad oro gör" performed by Baskery
(Video by Shelley54/YouTube)

It was dazzling, these three amazing voices filling the tiny theater. 
A perfect end to the evening.
I'm so glad I went.

And..... completely unrelated but never the less fun.... a photo of where I blog is on the blog "Where Bloggers Blog". (duh!)  Click here if you want to see where I sit to write.  But please don't tell the hubs. He thinks this desk is his for fly-tieing. And it is. I just haven't gotten a chair for the computer desk so I can't use it. Yet.
Soon enough.
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