13 June 2013

And then again....

And then again, maybe I am not up to this.

Tuesday, after a grueling 3:15am wake up, a two hour plane ride and a three hour car drive, we made it to the cabin in the woods. 

There are six of us. Each girl has a friend and so do I.
That's six women.

After a bit of settling in, Bunny decided to take a shower. 
That's when the trouble started. 

NO WATER?!  I checked the breaker box. I turned things off and on. Then I did what any sane person  would do. I called for back up.

I have a colorful and kind neighbor, Cliff, who loves his cats and will gleefully do anything to help out.

Good thing. 

I thought the water filter was clogged...but that filter was "conveniently" placed under the middle of the house.

Uh,no. Not going in there. 

Bless Cliff's little heart-he crawled under there. The filter was not the problem.

A quick call to the plumber and I was told that someone could be out FRIDAY. This was on Tuesday. Six women, no running water from Tuesday to Friday? I don't think so. I begged. I pleaded. I promised cookies. Then I got put on the "list".

Twenty minutes later I got a call. Someone was on the way to help us.


We made a hotel reservation just in case. Wise move.

Here is my well pump being dragged outside of the well.

Here is the end of the pump pipe that is not supposed to be corroded or broken.
But it was. No pump, no water.

Amazingly the plumber found us a new pump AND found someone to install it on Wednesday.

A lovely night at the hotel later, a visit from the magical well guy and we are back in business. 

And here are the cookies. Need to drop them off. These are my Wednesday thank you notes- finally getting delivered on Friday. I promised. I will deliver. 


  I can do this. I think. 

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