03 March 2013


Eek!  Help! I Need ONE MORE Challenge.

Reading over my list and I just made a horrible discovery.  Nos. 25 and 57 are the same thing. How could that happen? Where was quality control when I needed it? 

And where, dear readers, were you? No one noticed. No one pointed out that I was basically cheating. 
(Although possibly some of you did notice and could not comment. More than one person has told me that the "comments" department has been disagreeable. I think I have it fixed. Try it.)


I need another No. 57.
Or another No. 25.

Because I can't have duplicates and I really don't feel the need to go to TWO ice hockey games. 

Me. Here. Eventually.


I have started on another really fun challenge but I can't share just yet. Don't want to spoil a surprise. 
And I believe that this month will be the one to draw a picture every day. I did this once before. Actually drew a picture a day for three months straight. And it was such a great exercise. 

One of  2011's every day drawings.

But then I got lazy. So with only a month of sketches required this time, maybe I will do better.

No. 17 begins March 1.

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