14 December 2012

Nos. 56 -60: The Final Five

Nos. Fifty-Six through Sixty: Finally! The final five.

Today is my birthday!  I am officially fifty-seven.

Last year. Look at all those candles.

Now I really do have just three years to get through this list. I was hesitating on putting down the last five challenges. 
Should they be really grand? 
Or just five more to the list? 

I decided on just five more.

I want to be able to actually complete my list and these last five are ones that fill in a couple of gaps. (In my mind.)

So, without further ado, the final five:

56. Watch Forrest Gump from start to finish. I have never seen this movie in its entirety although I have seen bits of it. Apparently it is a movie that needs to be watched. 
57.  Go to an ice hockey game. Then I think I will have seen a professional one of everything sports wise.
58.  Fly fishing- take a lesson. 
59. Learn 300 words of a new language. Maybe French, maybe Swahili.  (And thanks, Harvey. I stole your challenge.)
60.  Hit five restaurants in Houston that I have never been to before. We eat out all the time but always end up at the same places. Time to branch out. 

I considered "unplug from electronics" for a few days. (One day?) With two teenagers and a 20 year old at home that do not know how to talk face to face I think I would be sorely challenged on that one. I may put it as a bonus challenge. I can do without the TV. Pretty addicted to my iPhone and iPad. Worse, I live with 4 people that could not/ would not join me on this one. 

And how am I spending my birthday? 
This fabulous friend Diana is flying in to help me celebrate. Not only is she a great friend but she has her birthday two days after mine. Sagittarians rule!

Diana and me. Do we look like sisters?
So many people say we do.

Happy Birthday to me!  
And Happy Birthday to all the December born people that get their day lost in the shuffle. 

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